Welcome to the Kingdom of Karameikos!

Rising from the ruins of a fallen empire, the Kingdom of Karameikos is slowly urbanizing. New roads are being built, new trade agreements are being brokered between the various nations, and the kingdom is becoming more prosperous than ever before under the leadership of King Stefan Karameikos. But the land is still largely untamed, haunted by many monsters and tribes of goblins. Civilization is tenuous and engaged in a constant struggle to push the wilderness back.

You are an Adventurer! Maybe you’ve been here only a short time or maybe your family has lived here for generations. It is your job to navigate the intrigue, to pit steel and spell against a unending horde of monsters, and to sift through the ashes of a civilization long dead to find coin and long forgotten artifacts.

If you have what it takes, then polish your armor, sharpen your blade, and rift through your arcane tomes. It’s time to make a name for yourself.

Heroes of Karameikos

Dragon banner joshearl8793 TheOldDragoon Justine 342ndSwordOfLight