Demora's Tower


Also known as Demora’s Tomb and Firetop Mountain, this lonely peak lies in the far western reaches of the Empire of Thyatis, outside the Duchy of Godalming.

In ages past, when the nation of Traladar still existed, the mage Demora laid claim to a lonely peak far to the east of his Traladaran kinsmen. He used his powerful magic to shape a road up the mountain, to clear a peak and construct a large tower, and then mine tunnels beneath the tower for his own purposes. Not much is known of Demora’s fate, other than the fact that occasional fires can still be seen from the top of the peak (either ghostly or caused by travelers, although you’d have to get uncomfortably close to tell).

While no serious exploration has occurred in the tomb, it has gained recent interest from several mages looking to expand their scholarly knowledge of that time period.

Demora's Tower

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