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You are now entering the Royal Karameikan Archives. As you pass beneath the arch, the following words of Thyatian are etched in the capstone. “In A World Of Darkness, Here May You Find The Light.”

Greetings Adventurer! Is this your first time to the Royal Karameikan Archive? Well, let me introduce myself! I am the humble Hin research fellow, Halfred Tosscobble. We have quite the collection of tomes and scrolls available for your perusal about a wide variety of subjects. Please feel free to ask any questions, or if you are a subject expert of some renown, we will be more than pleased to accept your works and add them to the archives!

These archives are duplicated by wizards from the Karameikan School of Magecraft and selected books can be found in most important cities throughout the kingdom.

Right now our collection of scrolls includes:

Clan Dracul
The Heroes of Castellan Keep
Demora’s Tower

Please enjoy your visit!

Main Page

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